Pino Donghi
Pino Donghi was Secretary General of the Sigma-Tau Foundation for almost twenty years ( He was the curator of all its 23 “Spoletoscienza” think-tank and conference editions held from 1988 to 2011 as well as the book series published by Laterza “Lezioni Italiane”. He collaborated with Luca Ronconi (a) for the production of the play “Infinities”, written by John D. Barrow and staged at the Piccolo Teatro of Milan, and (b) for “Bi(bli)oetica” at the Teatro Stabile of Turin.

In partnership with Laterza, he has worked as Editor of the “Festival dell’Economia” of Trent, as well as participating in the organization of the “Festival del Diritto” at Piacenza, and of the conference series “Polo Sud” at Matera.

In partnership with Rome’s “Parco della Musica” Auditorium (, he devised and produced a series of events: (a) under the heading “Quadrivium”, four evenings dedicated to science and music with guests including TV personality Piero Angela, composer Lodovico Einaudi, pianist Danilo Rea and professor John Barrow; (b) under the heading “Pensare il Futuro” inviting both mainstream economists such as Lucrezia Reichlin and heterodox ones such as Serge Latouche (

Author of a number of papers on the subject of communication and dissemination of Science in general, Pino Donghi was lecturer for the course “Modelli Psico-Sociali della Comunicazione della Scienza” at the University of Bergamo, from 2004 to 2010, and taught a similar course in 2011 within the Department of Combiomed (Comunicazione in Bio Medicina) at Rome’s Sapienza University. He has also been guest lecturer at courses held at the Università degli Studi in Milano and at the Luiss in Roma.

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